Export, Industrial Productivity and International Competitiveness: A Case of Latvia

Astra Auziņa-Emsiņa, Velga Ozoliņa


The paper examines export, productivity and impact
on the economy. The aim of the research is to analyse and
estimate the exiting relations between exports of goods and
services and labour productivity using the principles of inputoutput
analysis and econometric methods. Special attention is
devoted to Latvia’s economy; however, in order to perform
international comparison and reveal the existence of regional or
global trends the data on several member states of the European
Union are used. The results of estimations argue that the higher
the real labour productivity (per employee and per hour
worked), the higher the export volume will be. The results also
confirm that the higher the value added is in output, the higher
the export ratio will be despite the fluctuations over time.


export, foreign trade, industry, efficiency, productivity, international competitiveness

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DOI: 10.7250/eb.2013.002


1. Lessor’s Status in Land Consolidation in Europe – Reports From Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia and Estonia
Kimmo Sulonen, Seija Kotilainen
Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management  vol: 3  issue: 1  first page: 56  year: 2015  
doi: 10.1515/bjreecm-2015-0007


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